Social Engineering

While you and your cyber security  personnel are busy building best security system that's still free from vulnerabilities and still fall victim to an attack that breached your network which contains valuable intellectual property.

You might wander how is this possible ?

Because hackers know that a company's security is often only as strong as its employees.Through phishing emails, telephone calls, direct visits to your facility and more often, the use of social media, hackers can access your systems and information that can cause disruptions to your business activities. Our Social Engineering Service is designed to mitigate these types of costly attacks. We identify issues in the behavior of your employees before they result in security breaches and service interruptions. Provide your employees with the information they need to protect your company assets against cyber threats. Employees will learn how to avoid making social media mistakes that can give hackers the opening they need to steal from you. There are different types of social Engineering threats which might cause you, your company as well as your company staff, some of them are 

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let's tell you about different types of social engineering attacks:  


Social Engineering Attacks:

Spear Phishing
Scare ware
Quid Pro Quo