Can you 3d print a robot?

His untitled 3D printed robot is fairly easy to print and assemble over a weekend. It is programmable and can walk. You just need a 3D printer, servos, an Arduino, a 9-volt battery, some nuts and bolts – and four pencils.

Why you should use 3D printing to build your robot?

When people say : "with 3D printing, the only limit is your imagination", they're right ! Everything you can imagine, you can build it. The only constraint is your 3D printer dimensions.

You can build some complex mechanisms, inside another part of the piece. This would be impossible with some traditional cutting machines. Here, you have almost no limit. A very expensive process is now available to anyone !

Plus, if you use a good software to slice and prepare your model for your 3D printer, it will add some 3D printed supports to hold concave shapes (which otherwise are supported by nothing but air, and will then fall).

Oh, and you can also use any color you want : no need to paint the parts.